Partnership with an influencer: good practices

Influencer marketing continues to grow. In 2014, it represented on average 9% of the marketing budget of companies, 13% in 2016, and is expected to increase to 21% in 2019, an increase of 233% in 5 years!1 Many companies would like to invest in this sector, but hesitate on the strategy to implement to develop a partnership with an influencer. We’re going to tell you a little more about good practices in this area!

Knowing how to choose your influencers: favour a fine and targeted audience

Careful tracking is essential to select the right influencers, the ones who are most likely to provide influential campaigns with good returns on investment. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always those with the strongest audiences that can best achieve this goal, because their rates are high, their audience not always very qualified, and are sometimes even inflated artificially, but that’s another story. The ideal influencer is more the one who has an engaged community behind them and has affinities with the brand and its universe. By focusing on these profiles, the brand has access to quality, finely targeted audiences. This type of influencer also has greater power of persuation over his community, which tends to judge what they say more relevant and authentic.

Find the ideal influencer

Contacting influencers directly on social networks or sending out mass e-mails in the hope of finding the rare gem is not the best strategy for finding the ideal profile. Keeping an eye on their blog and social accounts before making contact will help you get to know them, show the interest you have in them, identify their particular talents and get to know their community, valuable information for verifying their compatibility with your brand, identity and values.
Choosing the right channel to contact an influencer

It might seem silly, but making contact is crucial. First step before considering a partnership, it’s trickier than you think. The right method is to abide by the rules and use the correct channel, meaning giving priority to e-mail:
• 85% of influencers prefer e-mail as first contact;
• 54% recommendation of a third party;
• 40% participation in an event organized by the brand;
• 27% contact form of their blog.2

The best way to approach an influencer: abide by the rules!

Keeping a watchful eye has helped you to identify interesting profiles. All you need to do now is contact them by email, since this is the way they prefer, customize your approach as much as possible, highlighting the qualities of the influencer. This can be decisive because influencers are very busy and therefore are very selective. You’ve spotted an outstanding influencer, you too be totally outstanding when making contact! Sensible precautions, which don’t seem to be sufficiently applied by brands, this is what influencers think:
→ 55% of parenting bloggers feel they are overly called upon by brands;
→ 62% are not satisfied with the contact making;
→ 58% of bloggers blame standardized messages, without any form of customization regardless of their universe.3
Hmm … looks like there’s some criticism there, that wouldn’t be surprising …

What do influencers expect from their brand partnerships?

The most productive partnerships are those engaged in the long run. If you are satisfied with your influencers, take care of your relationship by offering them partnerships that will highlight their special talents. If they managed to engage a community, it’s because they have people who have made the difference, it’s thanks to them that they have acquired success and notoriety. That’s right! Nothing happens by chance.

The mutually beneficial principle, the token of a successful partnership

A successful partnership is based on the principle of give and take, be attentive to the demands of your influencers and try, as much as possible, to respond favorably. They particularly appreciate being approached when there’s a product launch or an event organized, their advice can be valuable because they know many things you don’t yet … By involving them in the development of your brand and products, you can build loyalty, and identify the most promising profiles among them, those with interesting potential to become brand ambassadors!

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