Influence Marketing

types of campaigns with bloggers

What types of campaigns can you start with parenting bloggers

In France, 34% of Internet users follow at least one influencer (1). However, influence marketing is still quite new and raises various questions. Many brands hesitate and wonder if it’s useful to integrate this new tool into their marketing strategy, and more importantly what types of partnership...
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organiser un évènement avec un influenceur

Why organize an event with an influencer ?

For childcare brands, opportunities to organize an event with an influencer are varied: launching a product or a new service, or simply, the desire to boost their social media strategy. Whatever the reason, the goal is always the same: using the influencer’s notoriety to serve the brand’...
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association et influence

Why should associations use influence marketing?

As influence marketing is used by brands for promotional purposes, associations don’t always see the interest it could represent for them. Yet more and more associations are developing partnerships with influencers. What are the different forms and benefits? Bilbokid offers some ideas on the s...
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choisir le bon influenceur

Partnership with an influencer: good practices

Influencer marketing continues to grow. In 2014, it represented on average 9% of the marketing budget of companies, 13% in 2016, and is expected to increase to 21% in 2019, an increase of 233% in 5 years!1 Many companies would like to invest in this sector, but hesitate on the strategy to implement ...
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Faux comptes Instagram

How to detect fake Instagram accounts ?

Instagram and its 12 million active users in France fuels indulgence. The network has the particularity of bringing together countless influencers. Some of them are creative people, doing actual work, in full transparency, while others use artificial techniques to boost their audience. Artificially ...
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