Why organize an event with an influencer ?

For childcare brands, opportunities to organize an event with an influencer are varied: launching a product or a new service, or simply, the desire to boost their social media strategy. Whatever the reason, the goal is always the same: using the influencer’s notoriety to serve the brand’s goals.

Influencer events: a partnership type favoured by brands

Even though there are various types of partnership with bloggers, brands have taken a liking to events: 45% of communication professionals lean towards this type of collaboration with influencers. 1 Bloggers also appreciate it because it puts the spotlight on them and allows them to have a privileged relationship with brands involved in their chosen field. On top of that, it gives them additional legitimacy with their audience.

Define your goals to optimize the organization of an event with a blogger

When a brand organizes an event, more often than not the goal is to gain in notoriety. But it can meet other needs: the acquisition of new leads, the launch of a new product or service, ensure greater expoure to an advertising campaign … Clearly defining objectives will help tailor the brand’s communication strategy and choose the most appropriate influencer.

What should you produce to ensure an influencer event has maximum impact?

The type of content produced for the occasion should not only meet the goals of the brand, but also those of influencers. What they want above all is to gain greater exposure and broadcast quality content to their audience. The success of an event lies in the convergence of these two objectives, leading to the creation of ideal content with some essential qualities:

  • originality to distinguish itself from competing brands;
  • true value, in order to capture the interest of influencers;
  • a narrative that can interest the audience;
  • an opportunity for the public to experience something unprecedented;
  • content that can be shared easily on various broadcast channels.

Manage the powerful upswing of an influencer event with teasing

Teasing is a great way to maximize the scope of the event. Raising the public’s curiosity and generating a kind of suspense built in several intermediate stages, until the final minute when the mystery is finally unveiled. Creating a hashtag will broadcast the teaser and increase its reach. Teasers can be summed up in three successive phases, promoting maximum synergy with the public:

    1. raise public interest by creating suspense before the event;
    2. captivate the audience with a unique experience during the event;
    3. make them want to prolong the experience after the event by engaging with the brand.

Organizing an event with an influencer requires good brainstorming beforehand and a lot of creativity. After the event, it’ll be time to measure the return on investment, acheived from some relevant performance indicators. This assessment will improve the system in order to contemplate on future collaborations with even more successful influencers.

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