Collaborations between childhood's brands: multiply the opportunities

Many of you want to seize the opportunity to work together and set up mutually beneficial collaborations. We believe that our role, as a specialist in the sector, is also to facilitate the establishment of complementary and enriching synergies between you!

Exchanges of visibility, competitions, writing articles,... all forms of partnerships can also be applied between you !

If you represent a children's or family brand and would like to be put in touch with other complementary brands, simply complete the form below.
By registering for this scheme, you will receive, free of charge, all the contact details of the registered, motivated brands with targets identical to yours in different sectors of activity.
Registration : From 11 to 30 April 2022
Registration is closed for Operation 2022 !
Returns with opportunities: Depending on the number of participants (as soon as possible)
This form is not open to :
- agencies or external brand representatives. Only brand managers can enter into direct contact with each other.
- to brands of the family addressing a BtoB public (media sites, VPs, trade shows, advertising agencies, blogs...)
It is necessary to have a brand already established and to constitute a first network to participate.
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Attention : Ce champ est nécessaire pour nous autoriser à communiquer vos coordonnées aux autres marques.