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Campaign managed by Marcel et Joachim
The Mini Galerie collection offers the opportunity to recreate an artistic journey from home, with your toddler on your lap or lying next to you on a playmat.

Who is Marcel et Joachim ? 

Marcel et Joachim is the fun and cool publishing house that has been reinventing books for toddlers and young children since 2013. Stars of children's rooms, their books are multi-purpose essentials with a timeless design.
Pop and acid colours, they dream of giving the kids a smile and a
taste for impertinence.
Creativity, passion and lots of fun: the cool kids book club is open to everyone! The books are as GOOD inside as they are outside. Because a child needs beauty as soon as it is born, and so do you. They are designed to help you create a bond with your children. A bond that is forged in daily life, in the sometimes flat repetition of the little things that build emotional security and unconditional love.

The Mini Galerie collection

Imagine you are in a museum or a gallery and your baby is in your arms. You talk to him about what you see, what you like, you have fun recognising shapes and colours ...
Mini Galerie is a new collection for babies, which offers toddlers and their parents the possibility of building a
common sensitive language, and of sharing a moment of beauty. These are books that aim to bring more positive emotion and creativity into the daily lives of young families. To offer a reading experience that is as rich in emotion as a stroll through a museum with your baby against you : that is the ambition of Mini Galerie !
The Mini Galerie collection allows you to recreate this artisitic stroll from home, with your little one on your lap or lying next to you on his playmat.

The Bilbokid proposal

  • Set up a content creation campaign that can be used to deploy a digital communication strategy (website, social networks, newsletter, etc)
  • Rely on parental influencers with qualitative and colourful content to promote products
  • Create content that puts the products in situation to underline the playful and artistic side of the collection

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In summary

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A campaign focusing on the "Beauty" approach with the Mini Galerie collection
5 influencers recruited 

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