Bilbokid answers you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Influencer Partners,
You will find here the answers to your most common questions asked to our teams! Of course, we remain available for any other information!
Why don't I see any campaigns?
If you don't see a current campaign, it means that you are not targeted by the current campaigns. The shaded visuals represent completed campaigns. Keep an eye on the platform, the campaigns are renewed very quickly; they are rarely broadcast more than 48 hours.

If you have the Bilbokid application, don't forget to activate your notifications to be alerted of new campaigns that match your profile and apply in a few clicks in a faster way.
How does the advertiser select the Instagram profiles for its campaign?
The advertiser (the brand, the agency or us, the Bilbokid team) selects its profiles based on the performance metrics of your profile (engagement rate, interactions…), your editorial line, the frequency of partnerships, the quality of your interactions, the origin of your audience, and your answers to the motivation questions asked.
Why do I have to confirm my parcel receipt via the platform?
Validating the receipt of your package on your Bilbokid space, the advertiser (brand, agency or us, the Bilbokid team) can ensure the success of the campaign. As soon as you confirm the good reception of your package, the advertiser is notified and the partnership is considered 'ongoing'
I was selected for a paid partnership, how do I forward my bill?
In the case of a paid partnership, you can access the invoicing information necessary for the creation of your invoice (advertiser's details, name, etc.) directly on the invoice tab of your campaign file > My current partnerships section.

You can then edit your invoice and download it in PDF format via this same tab. The advertiser will then be notified.
What is a partnership managed by an advertiser directly?
Bilbokid offers advertisers (brands or agencies) the possibility to launch their campaigns completely autonomously on the platform. When we indicate that a partnership is brand-managed, it means that the brand is organizing the campaign directly with you. The brand is therefore responsible for answering all the questions concerning its campaign via the Bilbokid chat, and for following up on its partnerships (insertions, invoicing etc.). Do not hesitate to contact her if you need.  
My application was paused: what does that mean?
A paused application means you were not accepted for the campaign, but your profile matched the advertiser's search. Your profile may be considered for the next campaign of the brand.
You are encouraged to apply to this brand's next campaign!
The platform will favor your application.
How do I fill in and close a campaign?
We invite you to watch this small tutorial of 1 minute made with love by the team 