Parenting Influencers and councillors

Check out our partnership platform specializing in the parental world

The platform's goals

Establishing family brands with councillors of the parental target.

Pedagogical professionals

Over 250 registered pedagogical experts and professionals from school environments (preschool and elementary).

Pedagogical professionals

Parenting influencers

Get in contact with family bloggers, Instagramers, and parent Youtubers. Over 1200 registered parenting influencers.

Parenting influencers

Early childhood pros

Get in touch with early childhood professionals, influencers and councillors on their social networks.

Early childhood pros

Get the most of the reach of an influencer to boost your reputation
Tangible experience feedback of an influencer reinforces credibility.
Promote the engagement of a new audience through the influencer.
Use influence marketing as a link building approach for your website.
Brand Content
Tell your story, win them over and take control of your brand.
Increase your marketing reach through viral networks.

Our commitment

Bilbokid is committed and acts in compliance with the codes of ethics of all participating actors with regards to all its partnership platforms. Child, parent, and educator interests ate at the heart of all our approaches and partner measures.

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